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Module 1: The Impact of Teachers on Students

Module 1: The Impact of Teachers on Students

Module 1 Reflection Questions:

Complete this module by completing one of the three questions below. Only one question will need to be answered to receive full credit for the module.

Module Description:

This module examines how the learning environment in the activity area impacts teachers and students. Teachers need to view all students in their classes as important and of equal worth. A major goal of teachers is to see all students as unique, yet an integral part of the classroom atmosphere. Being a teacher means understanding that some youngsters need more attention and support if they haven’t lived in a supportive family setting. A teacher is a change agent who is expected to correct and improve personal and academic behavior. Quality teachers set high expectations for all students and continually try to motivate them to high standards. Parents send their children to school with the hope they will be successful. Teachers are agents of hope, and they are entrusted with parents most important asset – their children.