Why do I need to create an account to view a webinar?

In order to provide you with a custom webinar certificate, we ask that you create an account with us. Creating an account will also give you the ability to re-download certificates and track which webinars you have viewed.

Why can’t I download a webinar certificate?

In order to complete a webinar, you must watch the entire webinar video. Once the video is complete, the “Download Certificate” button will become active.

How do I change the name that will appear on my certificate?

Certificates will print your first and last name. In order to edit your account, first click on your account name on the top right of the screen and then “Profile”. Click “Edit Profile” to edit your first and last name.

Will this meet my states continuing education requirements?

Many states have specific requirements for continuing education. We will provide you with a custom certificate of participation after watching a webinar. We encourage you to check your state‚Äôs requirements to ensure our professional development opportunities meet the requirements.