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Making a Difference – Artie Kamiya’s Long and Storied Career

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Artie Kamiya has held a wide variety of jobs and titles over his career. First of all, he was Mr. Kamiya, elementary physical education teacher. Then he was demoted into administration and was Artie Kamiya, Physical Education Consultant for the NC Department of Public Instruction. Then demoted further to the Chief Consultant for K-12 Healthful Living for the same state agency. In 2001, he left to work with Wake County Public Schools as the Senior Administrator for Health & PE. In 2005, he retired from public service having put in enough time to earn his 30 year pin. From 2005 – 2018, he worked for Great Activities Publishing Company. Finally, after messing everything up to the best of his ability, he became the Executive Director of NC SHAPE where he gets to work with some of the most amazing K-12 health and physical education teachers he knows.