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Dr. Robert Pangrazi, a lifelong PE advocate and author of Dynamic Physical Education, shares an online master class course in teaching PE.

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About Dr. Robert Pangrazi

Teacher Training Excellence

Trained hundreds of teachers at Arizona State University where he was a professor for more than 30 years. Many teachers joined the profession and won local, state, and national teacher of the year awards.

Keynote Speaker and Trainer

Pangrazi has been a keynote speaker for 45 state and district conventions and an invited speaker at more than 500 national and international conferences. He regularly conducts training sessions for schools and universities and is regarded as a motivational speaker.

Award-Winning Excellence in PE

Has received more than 30 state, national, and international awards including the American Academy of Kinesiology & Physical Education Fellowship, SW District Outstanding Scholar Award, PCPFS Distinguished Service award, and AAHPERD Honor Fellow.

Author of Dynamic PE Textbook

The Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children has sold a million copies and is currently in its 20th edition. The text has been used to train physical education teachers for over 60 years.

A Pioneer for Physical Education

Began career as a 5th grade teacher and taught elementary PE in Pullman, WA. Served as lead teacher for an ESEA Title III Grant that was nationally recognized and ultimately became the foundation for the Mesa Public Schools physical education program that has continued for over 50 years.

Empowering Teachers with Free Resources

Contributed academic material and content for Dynamic PE ASAP, an online curriculum where teachers can download, lesson plans, instructional signs, view master teacher videos, and assessment intruments. With the support of Gopher Sport, all materials are free of charge for all teachers who want to download and implement the lessons and teaching aids.

Master PE Teacher Course Details:

Module 1: The Impact of Teachers on Students

This module examines how the learning environment in the activity area impacts teachers and students. 

Module 2: An Effective Physical Education Program

A quality physical education program is supported by a foundation of skill instruction, knowledge related to skills and activities, and the development of positive attitudes toward an active lifestyle. 

Module 3: The Importance of Physical Activity for Youth

The benefits of physical activity on health and wellness plus academic achievement are discussed in this module. 

Module 4: Legal Issues in Physical Education

This video contains information about liability and why physical educators are often at a higher risk of lawsuits. 

Module 5: The Impact of Genetics and Maturity on Physical Performance

Learn how students grow and develop at different rates and the impact it has on their physical performance. 

Module 6: Building Student Relationships with Effective Communication

The interaction between teachers and students is a major component in quality instruction. In this module, guidelines for effective communication skills are discussed which include verbal and listening skills. 

Module 7: Teaching Class Management Skills

This video focuses on moving students and equipment quickly. Management skills are a set of behaviors and routines that facilitate the teaching and learning experience. 

Module 8: Increasing Acceptable Student Behavior

The goal of teachers is to increase acceptable behavior and reduce undesirable actions. Focusing on acceptable behaviors helps students become the best they can be. This video emphasizes teaching in ways that assures all students are treated with fairness, consistency, and respect. 

Module 9: Reducing Unacceptable Student Behavior

Teachers are behavioral change agents and have a professional obligation to improve student attitudes and behaviors. This video discusses the importance of communicating with examples of how to deliver corrective feedback without intimidation and high emotion. 

Module 10: Instructional Skills that Make a Difference

This video focuses on several specific teaching skills that effective teachers must master. 

Module 11: Consider your Teaching Environment

Great teachers are great planners. This presentation emphasizes all the facets of good planning and how it helps assure an effective lesson in front of students. 

Module 12: Writing an Effective Lesson Plan

The rationale for creating a lesson plan that guides effective instruction is covered in this video. Lesson plans are a roadmap to success. They show administrators, parents, and classroom teachers that physical education is a content area that is driven by standards, outcomes, and careful planning.

Module 13: A Four-Part Lesson

A four-part lesson plan assures variety and a wide range of learning experiences. This video discusses and illustrates each of the four parts and how they are integrated into a comprehensive lesson. 

Module 14: Lesson Plan, Part 1: Introductory Activities

Introductory Activities are used in Part 1 of the lesson. They incorporate activities that use large muscle movements and motor skills that students have previously learned. 

Module 15: Lesson Plan, Part 2: Positive Fitness Experiences

The focus of fitness in the PK-8 setting is on the 3E’s. Rather than train students, fitness outcomes are designed to help students learn, experience, and enjoy the process.

Module 16: Lesson Plan, Part 3: The Lesson Focus and Effective Skill Instruction

The Lesson Focus is the component in the lesson where students learn skills, related knowledge, and a positive attitude toward skill-based activity. 

Module 17: Teaching Movement Skills & Concepts, Rhythms, & Gymnastics–Related Activities

Part A: Movement Skills and related concepts form the basis of the PK-2 program. 
Part B: Rhythms help students develop social skills and a positive self-concept. 
Part C: Gymnastics-related skills are a unique component in the curriculum in that they offer students the opportunity to succeed in an activity that is not size-dependent. 

Module 18: The Closing Activity: Low-organization and Sport Lead-up Games

One of the reasons for teaching low-organization games is to maximize physical activity for all students and minimize instructional time. There are several principles that are discussed and illustrated in this video to assure activity and enjoyment. 


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