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The Professional Development of Teachers

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The Professional Development of Teachers

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Episode Highlights:

  • What kind of person makes a great teacher? (9:30)
  • Do we need to recruit teachers? (12:40)
  • Why is PE so different at Elementary, Middle School, and High School levels? (18:30)
  • How can you support a new teacher? (26:59)
  • Why is there such a high drop-out rate in the teaching profession? (37:35)
  • How do you manage student behavior? (40:22)
  • What is the future of physical education? (47:41)
  • Dr. Pangrazi’s closing thoughts (50:43)

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Episode Preview:

Join us as we chat about the qualities of effective physical education and health teachers. Connie Pangrazi has spent years recruiting and training new teachers in our profession. We will discuss teachers from many points of view including traits that are found in successful teachers; differences between elementary, middle, and high school teachers; why 1 out of 3 new teachers drop out of the profession at the end of three years; how salary impacts the quality of teachers who enter teaching; and how to support and help teachers who feel “burned out.”