From Storage to Layout: Make the Most of Your Phys. Ed Space

Interested in finding practical ways to utilize your teaching space? Join Mike Graham as he shares his tips on utilizing your teaching space for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Mike will discuss how the “flow” of your classes depends on smooth transitions and detailed pre-planning. We will define teaching areas within your space and explore how a functional, well-organized storage space will save you time as you “create your space” each and every day.

About the Presenter:

A passionate presenter and teacher, Mike Graham has taught Physical Education for 21 years and currently works at Williamsburg Elementary School in Geneva, Illinois. He serves on his state’s (IAHPERD) social media committee and is the President of the Northern District IAHPERD. You can connect with Mike and find out more about his #PhysEd program on his website,, or connect with him directly on Twitter @pe4everykid or Voxer at mikegraham.

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Mike Graham

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