Assessment & Grading Practices in Physical Education

This webinar will provide an overview of how Mike leverages technology to gather data used to determine students’ level of competency in physical skills, cognitive knowledge, personal behavior, and active participation and how this information translates into a grade.

About the Presenter:

A passionate presenter and teacher, Mike Graham has taught Physical Education since 1996 and currently works at Williamsburg Elementary School in Geneva, Illinois. In addition to teaching full time, he coaches wrestling and serves on the Advisory Board for Gopher Sport. Mike uses his experience & knowledge to further his professional State organization (IAHPERD) as a member of the Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment committee, the social media committee, the technology committee, a co-moderator of the bi-monthy #iahperdchat on Twitter, and he is the current President of the Northern District of IAHPERD. You can connect with Mike and find out more about his #PhysEd program on his website,, or connect with him directly on Twitter @ pe4everykid or Voxer at mikegraham.

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Mike Graham

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