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Success in the Face of Challenge

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Success in the Face of Challenge

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All teachers know and understand the demands of teaching. Everyday brings different challenges and students arrive with different issues. Beyond the rigors of working with students are the institutional challenges. Issues such as teaching spaces, class sizes, lack of substitutes, administrative demands, and equipment needs are often controlled by personnel outside of the PE setting. Join us on the next PE Huddle for a discussion with Aaron and Cherrelle about ways to succeed and stay motivated in spite of the adversity that comes with teaching.

Cherrelle Tillis received her Master’s degree from the University of Central Oklahoma and has over 10 years of experience in the profession. She is currently the Physical Education Curriculum Specialist in Fort Worth ISD. Cherrelle has presented both at the state and national level, while serving on the Diversity Section for TAHPERD

Aaron Beighle is a Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion at the University of Kentucky. He is a trainer for physical education faculty, after-school staff, early child care staff and youth sport coaches and has co-authored several national documents including CDC’s Physical Education Curriculum Analysis Tool and NASPE’s Comprehensive School Physical Activity Promotion: A Position Statement. Beighle is the co-author of four books; Promoting Physical Activity and Health in the Classroom, Pedometer Power, Pedometer Power 2nd ed., Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children. He’s also served on the National Physical Activity Plan Education Sector Committee and the NASPE Task Force.