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PE during the Pandemic: An Administrative Perspective

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Different viewpoints are necessary as we move through the pandemic and begin hybrid and face-to-face schooling. Physical education is often on the perimeter of the area looking in at all the classroom teachers. Prepare to hear from two experienced supervisors of physical education as they share their thoughts and recommendations. This episode of The PE Huddle will cover going back to school, virtual physical education, challenges of leading physical education during times of crisis, and maintaining teacher morale.

Deb Pangrazi has been in the teaching profession numerous years and is the Supervisor of Elementary Physical Education for Mesa School District. She has won many teaching awards and is known for her curriculum and leadership. Georgi Roberts recently graduated to retirement a few weeks ago from her leadership position as the K-12 Director of Physical Education for Ft. Worth ISD Schools. She has served in many leadership positions in AAHPERD and SHAPE. Both leaders have made their mark on the profession.