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Dynamic PE ASAP Secondary Units and Lessons; Creating a Curriculum

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Join The PE Huddle as we reveal the release of PE Unit Plans and Lessons for Grades 7-12 on the Dynamic PE ASAP website. If you want to take a preview look at the website, go to and click on the red secondary button. You will find 28 units of instruction and over 250 lesson plans, all free of charge.

Our guests will be Dr. Carole Casten who did the original units and lessons and Dr. Tim Brusseau who is the author of the accompanying textbook, Dynamic Physical Education for Secondary School Students. This PE Huddle will familiarize you with the operation and scope of the website followed by conversation with our guests on to how to develop a curriculum to meet the needs of your middle or high school.

We also get a special guest appearance by Dr. Aaron Beighle!