The Benefit and How-to of Starting a PE Fitness Club

Maria Corte started a Fitness Club at her school after missing the “team feel” that she found in coaching. This program has become extremely successful, and has brought many students to be energized by fitness.

How can you start a Fitness Club at your school?

  1. Create a name and a logo.

Before tryouts were held, Corte had the word out about the club through advertising! Thanks to school announcements, posters, introducing the club to her PE classes, and creating apparel students wanted to learn how they could be a part of the club! Recently, Corte also created a Twitter page for her Fitness Club: Elite Fitness.

After advertising the club itself, she focused on advertising tryouts. Tryouts tested students’ ability levels in the Pacer test, Push-ups, and Sit-Ups. 

  1. Find requirements to charter a club.

Clubs involve fundraising, management, and rules.

  1. Set up an account with the bookstore for future fundraising.

Corte has found it especially important to keep accurate financial records of fundraisers. Those funds go towards equipment, field-trips, and medals!

  1. Meet with your administrators.

Administrators will guide you to schedule where your fitness club can fit within your school. Corte holds her Fitness Club during school hours!

There are many benefits that come with a fitness club! Students have the chance to earn leadership roles, be a part of a team, promote fitness, and maintain motivated to live a physically active life!

You can watch the full Webinar The Benefit and How-to of Starting a PE Fitness Club on our website!

Webinar Presenter: Maria Corte studied Physical Education at Arizona State University and later received her Master’s Degree in Education Administration at the University of Phoenix. She has worked as a physical educator at Mesa High School since 1994 and Arizona State University- Polytechnic Campus since 2005. Along with teaching, Corte coaches volleyball, cheerleading, track, and strength and conditioning. In 2004, she was named Arizona High School Physical Education Teacher of the Year, and received the NASPE Southwest District High School Teacher of the Year Award in 2005.

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