This month the PE Huddle will focus on “Promoting Lifetime Activities in Secondary Schools.” For the past 40 years, physical education professionals have talked about the importance of graduating students who will be physically active throughout their lifespan. We will discuss and analyze why this important goal has not taken hold in many of America’s schools. Join us as Brett Fuller, Past President of SHAPE America, and Maria Corte, Southwest District High School Teacher of the Year, offer perspective and advice for personal and curricular changes that will help assure we graduate students who know how to stay active and healthy.

Maria Corte attended Arizona State University and University of Phoenix where she earned her Physical Education bachelor’s and master’s degrees.  Maria has been teaching at Mesa High School for 28 years and at Arizona State University for 8 years.  Maria was honored with the SHAPE Southwest District High School Teacher of the Year Award.

Brett Fuller is a Past President of SHAPE America and the Curriculum Specialist for Health and Physical Education within Milwaukee Public Schools; Wisconsin’s largest district which supports 175 health and physical education teachers. His career spans over three decades, and in that time his philosophy has centered upon the ideal of teaching students to be healthy for a lifetime.

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