Integrating Nutrition & Literacy into Physical Education Activities

Implementing nutrition into physical education is like planting a seed in your students’ lives. Jessica Shawley offers ways that nutrition can be taught and activated in your physical education class.

  1. Learning Environment

Communication about nutritious lifestyle choices can be built with a simple addition, like posters on your walls! There are educational posters available through Gopher and bulletin board inspiration, which can be found on social media platforms, such as Pinterest, Twitter, or Google. Color coding physical education equipment to coordinate with the food groups can also be an effective way to connect nutrition to your class activities.

  • Curriculum

Decide what you want your students to know. Shawley focuses on teaching her students how to identify the different food groups, choose appropriate portion sizes, plan a balanced diet, and understand the relationship between poor nutrition choices and health risks.

  • Resources

The SHAPE America forum is a great start for you to communicate through concepts, ideas, and ask questions. Gopher and are great resources to use while teaching nutrition!

  • Routines

Having nutrition themed lessons or even a full unit focusing on its importance can help shape students to proactively live a nutritious life. Help your students feel comfortable reading nutrition labels and choosing healthy food options!

  • Activities

Target games, such as Beanbag Toss, Bocce Ball, and Bowling can connect nutrition to physically active games. Students can grow in their locomotor skills while learning how to live healthy lifestyles. Dice games are great as a warm-up or a complete lesson. During fitness units, students can practice with Skillastics Nutrition Cards in between stations.

If your school lacks the funds needed to implement nutrition into physical education, apply for grants and seek local support. Shawley’s school received a Fuel Up to Play 60 Grant, which helps her focus on the importance of health and wellness for her students!

You can watch the full Webinar Nutrition and Literacy into Physical Education Activities on our website!

Webinar Presenter: Jessica Shawley was the 2012 National NASPE Middle School Physical Education Teacher of the Year. She is a National Board (NBPTS) certified Physical Education Specialist and received a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Idaho. Shawley focuses on teaching various activities that offer meaningful connections to students’ lives.

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