Getting the Most Out of a 30-Minute PE Lesson

PE teachers often have a mere 30 minutes to teach a class. This lack of time challenges teachers to make the most of their lesson plan. Elyse Silver demonstrates the steps she takes towards a successful class.

  1. Create an Objective

Beginning class with an organized plan involves a goal. Silver clarifies her objective for each class by finishing the sentence, “The Student will learn by the end…” Your objective, like Silver’s, should not be focused on what you will teach. Rather, the focus should be on the students.

  1. Add an Academic Connection

Ensure your students understand each concept with 3 -5 step directions. This can help you assess their comprehension, showing with their fingers which step is being shown. You can also involve an academic connection through high-order questioning, asking questions that won’t prompt one word answers; rather, students will have to apply their knowledge to fully answer or discuss questions. This can be done by asking kids to compare and contrast skills, rephrase your lesson, or justify answers.

  1. Keep Your Class Flowing

Often, PE teachers worry about their lack of time and rush through safety rules. Silver values teaching safety to her kids, and will never allow groups to try something until they understand how to be safe. Then, Silver groups her students by confidence levels, allowing students to learn new skills at individualized paces. This challenges each student, whether they are an athlete or new to the activity. Lastly, Silver ends class with a “Turn and Talk” wrap up.

These steps help Silver make the most out of her 30-minute classes. She also focuses on giving specific feedback and praise to each student to help them recognize their actions, meeting expectations and goals.

You can watch the full Webinar Getting the Most Out of a 30-Minute PE Lesson on our website!

Webinar Presenter: Elyse Silver received her Masters of Arts in Physical Education from the University of South Florida. She was named the 2005 Teacher of the Year at Davis Elementary and the 2014 Physical Education Teacher of the Year for Hillsborough County.  Silver is a Certified Foster Parent and a single mom to three previous students, whom she adopted.

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