Boost Student Learning with Classroom Activity


When Kim Bevill was a history teacher, she came to realize that her students weren’t finding her lesson important. They weren’t being attentive or remembering the content. She wondered why they didn’t find history as moving as she did, and then it dawned on her, “they (her students) couldn’t be moved because they weren’t moving”.

Moving is essential for brain function. This is an important lesson for every teacher to understand and implement in their teaching. Studies show that students with greater physical activity levels score higher on standardized tests.

How can you help increase movement in your classroom?

  1. Physically Fit

Brain breaks are an effective tool to use in any classroom setting! Moving increases blood flow to our brain. This is vital for learning. Get your students physically fit to improve their concentration and mental health.

  1. Move Every 20 Minutes

Students are in an optimal state for learning after exercising. Implementing recess into the school day is another way to improve students’ attentiveness and behaviors. Moving more won’t only help students achieve goals academically; physical activity also helps students build relationships and a sense of community. Physical Activity decreases stress levels, aggression, and leads to less bullying.

  1. Specialized Movement

Balancing and coordination exercises are great methods to increase students’ blood flow in their brains’ left and right hemispheres. An increase in blood flow and oxygen allows students to be more attentive and remember more content.

Moving breaks can be as simplistic as standing on one foot, or tossing a bean bag from one hand to the other. Physical activity enhances the ability to learn, form memories, concentrate, and improves individuals’ moods, which all affect academic performance!  

You can watch the full Webinar Boost Student Learning with Classroom Activity on our website!

Webinar Presenter: Kim Bevill owns Gray Matter Education Consulting. She taught High School History and IB Psychology for 14 years. Currently, Bevill trains educators on applicable neuroscience instructional strategies, and serves as a Keynote Speaker. She is also a respected Conference Organizer and Graduate Level Instructor. You can learn more about Kim Bevill by visiting her website:

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