Chad Triolet shares why physical activity should be implemented in classrooms, and how teachers can easily add physical activity to their lesson plans.

What are the benefits of physically active students?

  1. Physical Activity increases students’ attention levels.
  2. Movement stimulates the brain.
  3. Movement increases the amount of hands-on-learning and interaction with students.
  4. Activity places the brain in a homeostatic state, which is its greatest level of efficiency.
  5. Movement improves the student’s overall function.

Triolet offers various ways your class can become more active, and, therefore, more academic as well! When students have a “glared over” look throughout your lesson it is time to reset their brains by moving their bodies. After a quick activity students can restart, focused and ready to learn!

  1. Finger-Thumb Challenges

These cross-lateral activities are great ways to keep your students’ minds thinking while energizing them to learn and focus.

  1. Dancing

Dance is a fun way for students to get fit and be creative! Math concepts can be reinforced through patterns in a dance routine. If you aren’t confident leading dance, there are many resources that can lead your class for you, such as Just Dance or YouTube videos.

  1. Rock Paper Scissors

This classic game can be made more academically challenging by showing numbers instead of rock, paper, or scissors. Students have to either add or multiply the numbers show; whichever student correctly completes the math problem first wins that round!

The game can also be physically engaging. Jumping Rock, Paper, Scissors gets kids out of their seats quickly. Feet together represents “rock”, feet apart is “paper”, and one foot in front of the other is “scissors”.

  1. Walk and Spell/Walk and Compute

This activity gets kids moving while they practice spelling vocabulary words or solving math problems!

  1. Technology

Brain Breaks, GoNoodle, and Adventure to Fitness are all wonderful resources that your kids will enjoy!

You can watch the full Webinar Active Learning Strategies for Classrooms on our website!

Webinar Presenter: Chad Triolet holds a Master’s in Educational Leadership. He has 18 years of experience in teaching Elementary Physical Education, and is passionate in promoting active lifestyles. Triolet has presented in 27 states, Canada, and Spain; his most recent focus is presenting to classroom teachers about physical activity and its connection to learning.

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