Yoga Foster is a nonprofit organization that makes yoga accessible to classrooms; it is completely secular, having no religious or spiritual ties. Nicole Cardoza shares how Yoga Foster offers a way for teachers and students to grow physically, mentally and emotionally together.

How can Yoga Foster make a difference in your school?

The confidence kids receive through yoga help them to get along with their peers and work as a team. Along with a decrease in poor behavior, yoga helps kids improve in school through physical activity. The practice of mindfulness helps calm students, allowing them to focus more. This has led to better test scores!

How can Yoga Foster be a part of your class?

After completing the virtual training, you will be able to safely lead yoga in your class. Yoga Foster is created to help students ranging in ages from Pre-Kindergarten to High School. Many teachers have used yoga to engage kids between classes, as warm-ups to a new subject matter, or as a full unit in physical education. Breathing activities and some poses can be completed without a yoga mat, or even at the kids’ desks. This helps students and teachers easily begin their day with awareness and mindfulness, providing a decrease in stress and a sense of connectedness with one another.

Webinar Presenter: Nicole Cardoza is an experienced children’s yoga instructor and a former volunteer yoga instructor in schools. Through her volunteer experience, she became aware of the lack of accessible physical activity in schools. This inspired her to start Yoga Foster, a nonprofit organization that empowers teachers with yoga resources for their class.

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