Using Google Apps to Enhance Physical Education

Google Apps are an awesome tool for your physical education class. Not only are there effective uses for many apps, but they are also free for educational institutes!

What are some of apps offered by Google, and how can you use them in your class?

  1. Google Sheets

Google Sheets can help you keep track of inventory, students’ scores, and your class budget. This app can help you stay organized throughout the year!

  1. Google Slides

Create presentations easily! From class game shows to flipped lessons, students can interact and learn with Google Slides. This also allows you to have a visual demonstration on a slide, providing you the opportunity to walk around and help individual students!

  1. Google Forms

Google Forms are very versatile! You can use them to create tests or surveys, or be shared with parents to register for events, and schedule conferences or meetings.

  1. Google Drawings

You and your students can create posters, diagrams, and signs for your classroom! These can help explain exercises or instruct an instant activity.

  1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an effective way to communicate with your fellow teachers! If a meeting or event is scheduled through an email you can click on that date, and it will be added to your calendar. This helps the entire school communicate, stay organized, and be aware of events!

Since these apps are associated with an account rather than a specific computer, you will have unlimited storage space and never have to worry about losing your work!  If your school district doesn’t use Google Apps, you can still access them through a Gmail account.

You can watch the full Webinar Using Google Apps to Enhance Physical Education on our website!

Webinar Presenter: Matt Callahan is a former physical education teacher. He taught grades K-5 for nine years! Currently, Callahan is a Technology Integration Coach and has earned a Google Education Trainer Certificate. He won the PE Universe “Best Activity Idea in America” award.

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