It can be challenging to teach a large PE class. However, Ben Landers tells us how clear management and engaging activities can help any large classroom be successful.

Having clear management means to communicate to your students. This often begins with the basics of a classroom: rules and consequences. Posting these rules on a visible wall strengthens communication, serving as a reminder throughout the year.

Landers’ Conflict Corner helps teach self-responsibility and conflict management. If his students cannot move past a step, he guides them through it. Establishing clear expectations allows you to spend less time on rules and more time with activities. Landers has his class repeat the meaning of good sportsmanship, keeping one hand over their hearts, like the pledge.

To grasp their attention, use start and stop signals. Landers plays music during exercises, however; when the music stops he counts to three, showing that the activity is complete. Music can implement excitement and movement into your classroom. Activities should start once class begins, making it a structured routine.

If you don’t have enough equipment for your class size, stations provide the opportunity for kids to use the equipment while others are involved in an activity at a different station. Stations and small groups strengthen each kid’s participation level.  AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) exercises engage small groups in the activity on their poster.

To group everyone together, tag is a fun and flexible activity. You can add more rules to the game when kids reach new levels, teaching different abilities and skills.

It is important to remind your students that the goal of PE class is not to become a professional athlete. Rather, it’s to try your best and be physically active.

Webinar Presenter: Ben Landers (The PE Specialist) has taught K-5 Physical Education since 2007. He has his Masters in Education from Southern Wesleyan University and a Masters in Education Leadership from the University of South Carolina. He serves as a mentor for future Physical Education teachers and is passionate in empowering students to be their best. In 2014, he started

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