It’s difficult to transition from summer to school. There are a lot of minute details to remember, and new ideas to discover for the school year ahead. Lisa Witherspoon shares a guide to help you prepare for a great year!

  1. Get organized

Organizing your office is a great way to start with less chaos! Look ahead at the classes and students you will be teaching. It’s best to seek in advanced if any students need modified equipment. 

  1. Plan your curriculum

Begin by reflecting on last year. What succeeded, and what didn’t go so well? Shaping the order and length of each unit can help you highlight the most important lessons for each class. While planning your new curriculum, focus on what your students are most interested in; grab their attention with those activities!

  1. Check on your equipment

This step is crucial for physical education teachers! It’s best to organize the equipment you already have, and plan what equipment you need. Be certain that the equipment you will be using is in good shape. Students love music; seek out the songs they enjoy to move to!

  1. Prepare your gym and field

Witherspoon’s motto is, “walk it, prepare it, clean it, and ‘decorate it’”. Walk through your field and remove any littered trash or broken glass. Cleaning up this space will help your first day go smoothly! Check to see if your gym lights still work, and that the playground fencing and equipment is in good condition. Finally, make your gym a welcoming place. Posting inspiration and banners can positively impact students’ experience in physical education.

  1. Don’t forget about technology

From QR Codes to Apps, technology has a lot to offer to your classroom! QR Codes and tablets are fun to implement in stations. Apps can help you take attendance, distribute grades, and play music. IMuscle 2, yoga apps, and GoNoodle are some apps that engage students in fitness and learning. Create a website to post lessons, events, and communicate with families!

These steps will make the transition back to school easier, and prepare you for a great new school year!

You can watch the full Webinar Tips to Tackle the New School Year on our website!

Webinar Presenter: Dr. Lisa Witherspoon is an Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida. She is the Director of the USF Active Gaming Research Laboratories and an international expert in technology driven games and exercise. She has helped young athletes gain skills and confidence through various basketball camps, which she has designed and implemented throughout the country.

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