What will students learn during this lesson? While a basic question that should be asked often, the process of creating simple “what will students learn” statements is often overlooked or ignored. Some call these statements objectives, or outcomes, or “I can” statements. Regardless of what they are called, they are essential for successful teaching. This webinar will discuss the role of teaching objectives in generating learning experiences and assessments that target student learning. Of particular focus will be writing observable and measurable outcomes to serve as a foundation for each lesson.

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Aaron Beighle holds a Ph.D. from Arizona State University specializing physical education and physical activity for youth. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Beighle has worked with school districts, recreation programs, and youth sport organizations across the country in their efforts to maximize physical activity experiences and promote youth to be physically active for a lifetime. He is the author and co-author of more than 80 research-based and practical articles. In addition, through his writings, speaking, trainings, and training development work, Dr. Beighle has been a leading advocate for Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs. Beighle is also a co-author of six books (Promoting Physical Activity and Health in the Classroom, Pedometer Power, Pedometer Power 2nd ed., Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children 16e.,17e, 18e).

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