Practical Assessment Ideas and Tools for Physical Education

Are you looking for practical assessment ideas for your physical education classes? Join Matt Pomeroy as he shares a wide range of ideas for assessing your students. In addition to showing how you can easily give quick-hitting, formative assessments, Matt will explore other creative assessment ideas and show how you can utilize technology tools and a variety of apps to assess your students and gauge their progress.

About the Presenter:

Matthew Pomeroy has been teaching physical education and health education since 2004 at Merton Intermediate School in Merton, WI. He is a huge proponent of lifetime physical fitness and fitness related sport activities. Mr. Pomeroy enjoys finding, creating, and implementing new activities into the curriculum every year. He is a strong believer that we must keep things fresh and exciting to keep our students motivated and engaged in physical education! Everything we do in health and physical education gets our students ready to be fit for life!

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Matthew Pomeroy

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