Old School Laps or Modern Apps: Revitalize Your Curriculum

Old School Laps or Modern Apps: Revitalize Your Curriculum

Technology is here to stay; however, it can be a challenging to know its place in your classroom. Lisa Witherspoon tells us how technology, specifically apps, can help teachers.

How can your class benefit from apps?

Many apps were created for teachers! They can help take attendance, file grades, and keep track of students’ behaviors. Along with these amenities, many apps are even free or inexpensive.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of apps to choose from.

How can you find the best apps for your class?

Following these steps will help you determine which app is best for your class.

  1. Is it developmentally appropriate?
  2. Read the reviews.
  3. Plan how you will use the app.
  4. The app must be “effective and efficient”.

Witherspoon’s help doesn’t stop there. Below is a list of apps she encourages teachers to try.

  1. Tones or Ringdroid

Music apps, like these, are great additions to instant activities, for dance units, or merely as background music throughout class time. Another reason Witherspoon likes these apps is because of their ability to slice music, so you can plan when the music stops and starts.

  1. Class Dojo

This is a great tool to maintain communication with families and keep them involved in your class. Class Dojo can be used to take attendance, provide feedback, and send emails. Parents can log in whenever they desire to stay updated with their child’s education.

  1. iMuscle2

This app is great to use during a fitness or weightlifting unit in your class. It is also helps younger kids learn new exercises, understand how muscles develop, and identify muscles.

  1. Team Shake

Creating teams in PE is a laborious task, but not anymore!  With Team Shake you only need to import a class roster. The app will randomly assign students into teams, remaining un-biased and avoiding favoritism.

  1. Coach’s Eye

This app is an awesome way to take videos, and can even make them in slow motion, draw over the screen, and teach kids how to improve their technique. Coach’s Eye allows you to add audio commentary and share your videos, so your kids can study them and reach their goals!

Webinar Presenter: Dr. Lisa Witherspoon is an Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida. She is the Director of the USF Active Gaming Research Laboratories and an international expert in technology driven games and exercise. She has helped young athletes gain skills and confidence through various basketball camps, which she has designed and implemented throughout the country.

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