Join us for an informative and motivating PE Huddle as we talk about “Motivating Unmotivated Students.” All teachers have students who demand more attention than others making teaching a demanding, yet rewarding, profession. Tim Mueller and Jessica Shawley have many years of experience that is characterized by their ability to bring all students into the fold. We will talk about compassion, expectations, class culture, positive relationships, and more. It will be an hour that should leave you energized and excited to help all your students reach their maximum potential.

Jessica Shawley is a National Board-Certified physical education teacher at Lewiston High School in Lewiston, Idaho teaching strength training, dance, yoga and fitness classes. She is currently serving on the SHAPE America P.E. Council and was honored as a SHAPE National Middle School Teacher of the Year in 2012. Jessica’s teacher-leadership includes grant writing, curriculum development, and sharing best practices via professional development workshops, blogs, and webinars.   

Tim Mueller has taught K-8 physical education at Erin School since 1992. He is a SHAPE national presenter and a Midwest Middle School Teacher of the Year.  He is also an adjunct professor at Concordia University – Wisconsin, instructing the Methods of Teaching Elementary and Secondary PE courses. Tim is passionate about helping teachers create a positive learning environment for all classes. He believes, “Good rapport with your students is a choice you make every day!”

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