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Pete Driscoll wants his kids to be active! So, he brought Tabata to his PE class. Along with being an effective workout for PE, Tabata’s versatility allows it be used in classrooms as an active and quick break, at the start of the day, or even at recess. It’s also a great addition to any class because it enhances academic performance. 

Yet, many teachers are unaware of what Tabata actually is.

What is Tabata?

Tabata is a highly intensive interval workout. Those who participate in the training work out for a total of 4 minutes, which is broken down into 20 second bursts of vigorous activity, broken up with 10 seconds of rest. There are eight intervals of 30 second, completing the 4 minutes.

Why should Tabata be used your school?

Tabata can help students strengthen muscles, increase endurance and flexibility, and excite your kids to be more physically active. Tabata exercises can be done anywhere and at any time. There are many ways to bring Tabata to your school; the only limit is your creativity.

How can you create Tabata routines?

First, stop watching the clock while exercising! Tobata Music was created for schools, and announces to the class when to stop and start. Depending on the age you teach, students can partake in leadership roles, choosing movements and exercises. Ownership over their physical education helps kids feel more engaged in the actions. Driscoll has fun teaching younger kids Tabata, having them act as different animals for each interval burst. More equipment and higher levels of fitness can be implemented in Tabata for your older classes.

Webinar Presenter: Pete Driscoll teaches Physical Education at Hartland Elementary School. In 2009, he was nominated for the Vermont Teacher of the Year Award. Driscoll trains for obstacle course races, and finished in the top 1% at the Killington Beast Spartan Race. His passion for physical fitness combined with his brother’s passion in music inspired them to start the Tabata Kids program.

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