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Most commonly, physical education teachers measure students’ fitness levels for assessments. Yet, obesity has greatly increased within the past twenty years. Fitness asks for a product; however, it’s most likely that students will do it, reach it, and then stop maintaining their fitness.

Robert Pangrazi believes that physical activity is what educators should be measuring. Physical activity is a lifestyle change, implementing physical activity as a measurement of success would teach students the importance of being active every day.

How can you measure physical activity?

  1. FITStep Pro Pedometers

The FITStep Pro Pedometers measure steps, activity time, and MVPA (moderate to vigorous physical activity). They are resistant to breaking and have a long lasting battery, allowing you to use them for multiple classes and years. A student’s MVPA level can be set by taking the medium score of their steps per minute while briskly walking! It’s best to have students walk alone with no music for accuracy. 

  1. Software

Prior to introducing pedometers to your class, enter your class’ information into the software and assign each student with a specific pedometer. This can be done quickly by uploading a spreadsheet with their First Name, Last Name, Gender, Pedometer Number, and Student Number. The software connected to the FITStep Pro Pedometers allows students to easily upload their data into a computer. Once students upload their pedometer, it will clear. This prepares it for your next class!

  1. Assessments

Assessing physical activity is made simple with the software and pedometers. On your computer, you are able to print out class and personal reports. These can be made anonymous, allowing you to post scores without names attached. You can also access all of your data to compare classes!

Pangrazi reminds us that kids value what their teacher values. The FITStep Pro Pedometer is a great tool to improve the interest and volume of physical activity in your students’ lives.

You can watch the full Webinar Easily Collect and Analyze MVPA Data on our website!

Webinar Presenter:  Robert Pangrazi is a professor of Exercise Science and Physical Education at Arizona State University. He is the author of over 55 textbooks and 110 research articles. Pangrazi has won many awards including the COPEC National Distinguished Service Award, AAHPERD Honor Award, and AZ School Health Association’s Certificate of Appreciation.

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