Changing Attitudes to Learn, Do, and Be More

Your attitude impacts your class. Maria Corte reminds us that attitudes are measurable and changeable. Corte, a physical education teacher, understands how arduous it is to transform the attitude of your class. Once you do, however; your kids will grow to learn more, do more, and be more.

How can you impact your class? Follow Corte’s “4 M’s”.

  1. Manage

Setting expectations for your class also sets the tone. Keep your rules and consequences simple, and clarify the importance of respect. Next, you must practice implementing expectations throughout each class and praise kids for their positive behavior.

  1. Motivate

A smile can go a long way. Building relationships with your students will help you learn their interests. Play music they enjoy, and be descriptive while encouraging students. Personalizing your class in these ways will motivate your kids to participate in physical activity and have fun. As an educator, your mission is to teach life lessons, which go beyond the classroom walls. Getting to know students will help you interact with them and hear their stories, building mutual respect.

  1. Movement

“Don’t give up” is a motto Corte instills in her class. To believe in your kids and participate in the movements with them encourages students to keep trying. It’s important to provide various activities and use equipment to help each student enjoy PE, not only your class athletes. Corte understands that not every teacher has a large gymnasium or budget for equipment. Yet, you can still maximize the space you’re offered and find creative paths to raise money for equipment. Corte utilizes color for a fun and simple addition to her PE class.  

  1. Maintain

Most of all, teachers desire their lessons to stay with students for life. Teaching your kids about physiology, anatomy, and why they exercise will help them understand the importance of an active life. Wearing pedometers and giving students opportunities to choose activities can excite kids and inspire them to live an active life.

Changing the attitude of your class can also shape your kids’ attitudes towards physical activity. Following Cortes “4 M’s” can help students learn more in class, do more activity throughout life, and be more of the person they can be.

Webinar Presenter: Maria Corte studied Physical Education at Arizona State University and later received her Master’s Degree in Education Administration at the University of Phoenix. She has worked as a physical educator at Mesa High School since 1994 and Arizona State University- Polytechnic Campus since 2005. Along with teaching, Corte coaches volleyball, cheerleading, track, and strength and conditioning. In 2004, she was named Arizona High School Physical Education Teacher of the Year, and received the NASPE Southwest District High School Teacher of the Year Award in 2005.

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