A Future Where Physical Activity and Physical Education are the Norms: Let’s Move! Active Schools

Two out of three kids today are inactive. This statistic not only shows a lack of activity among children, but also the need for schools to help. 15 year old kids are 75% less active than they were when they were 9 years old. Kids spend the majority of their time in school; therefore, if we want active kids, we need active schools. Let’s Move! Active Schools is the national solution to this issue, ensuring 60 minutes of physical activity as the norm for grades K-12.

Below are the benefits seen in kids who spend 60 minutes each day being active before, during, or after school:

  1. Higher Test Scores
  2. Improved Attendance
  3. Increased Focus
  4. Better Behavior
  5. Lower Rates of Childhood Obesity
  6. A Lifetime of Healthy Habits

Let’s Move! Active Schools supports schools and districts. Staff Involvement, physical activity during school, physical education, physical activity before and after school, and family and community engagement can all influence children to reach 60 minutes of daily activity. The physical education offered to students must be high-quality, meaning it is taught by a licensed physical education teacher and is meeting standards.

You can join the movement by signing up at: www.activeschoolsus.org. As a team member or fan, your school can receive discounts from supporters, like Gopher, access professional development and online training, and discover resources and grants!

Webinar Presenter: Pam Powers earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. Powers has a background in dance and has taught early childhood students through adults. For over thirty years she has been a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer. She received the Golden Apple Award for Teaching Excellence and is a NASPE Teacher of the Year. Powers currently serves as the Senior Manager for Physical Education and Physical Activity with Let’s Move! Active Schools. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, Zumba, and jogging.

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